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I'm a certified hair extensionists, with a certificate in fusion, micro-link, tape-in and integrated weft.  I love my work and I am completely dedicated to providing the best service and excellent hair products, all at the best price possible.  I have extensive experience and I always ensure that the results exceed my client's expectations.  I enjoy speaking to everyone about my profession and providing as much information as possible.  I encourage you to call me today to discuss hair extensioins and what's right for you.


My Story

I was born in Eritrea and immigrated to Canada over twenty-five years ago.  I started off with very modest beginnings, and I learned that success only comes with incredibly hard work.  I have been in the service industry for most of my life, and client satisfaction is my top priority.  I love working with hair and extensions is my passion.  I know that I will always provide the best service and the best product, and that I want to do it at the best price.

My Goal

My goal is to continue to grow my clientele base and increase my expertise.  Education is important to me and I constantly take new courses to improve myself.  In only a short time, I have made a name for myself in the hair extesnion industy, and I expect to start my own salon shop in the upcoming future. Quite simply, I am motivated to succeed and I know that I can do it with one great client experience after another.  Everyone and every job is of utmost importance to me.

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